YO, MTV … This year’s VMAs spoke to us on a political level!

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LOS ANGELES — Another year, another MTV Video Music Awards. Like every televised awards show there were winners and losers of the night.

But what really grabbed our attention were those unplanned side shows. (No, we’re not talking about rapper Cardi B’s nip slip either.)

We’re talking about the King of Pop’s daughter, Paris Jackson’s speech against Nazis and white supremacists during her teleprompter read.

“We must show these Nazi, white supremacist jerks, in Charlottesville, and all over the country, that as a nation with liberty as our slogan, that we have zero tolerance for their violence, their hatred and their discrimination. We must resist,” Jackson said.

Planned or not, she had the audience’s attention and apparently Twitter too!

“It would be YUGE , believe me, YUGE! And that’s not fake news,” she added.

MTV also merged politics with pop culture by inviting transgender service members to walk the red carpet. The group had a message regarding the recent transgender military policy.

“We just want to be treated like everyone else and discriminated against based solely on our performance,” one service member told CNN.

Of course artists like Kendrick Lamar used their music to deliver powerful messages as well!

Kendrick might’ve left with the most Moonmans of the night, but another VMA, MVP would probably be Lorde.

She took lip-syncing to another level when she danced through her entire performance, instead of opening her mouth once.

Although, Lorde was literally sick with the flu, some fans would argue that her whole performance was sick as well!

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