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MEXICO — There’s a new online trend coming straight from Mexico.

The name? “Reto del pasesito.”

Translation?  Who thought up something so stupid?

Challenge? People record themselves snorting coke. And, we’re not talking about the soft drink!

Watch as this woman nominates her compadres and then sniffs a white substance — which appears to be cocaine.

Yeah, nothing refreshing about that!

Several Mexican media outlets are reporting this cocaine-inspired craze started a few days ago among upper-class Mexican teens.

Videos show coke-heads taking the challenge and nominating their friends. The challenge had its own Facebook page before it was deleted for violating the site’s guidelines.

We have to say that this is definitely one of the dumbest and dangerous “dares” to date. Although setting yourself on fire and putting a plastic bag over your head are still top two!

Mexican authorities are currently investigating these viral “Reto del pasesito” videos.