Wreck The Halls: Plano Haunted House Serves Up Winter-Themed Chills & Thrills

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PLANO -- You might have thought the winter holidays meant you were safe from halloween-style scares, but the folks at Plano's Dark Hour Haunted House say "Think again!"

They've turned their whole building into a winter wonderland for their holiday-themed show, called Wreck the Halls.

"When you first get into the show, you walk into falling snow," said Dark Hour's artistic director Allen Hopps. "We use that moment of people going 'Oh, it's snowing,' and then, bam!  There's a monster in your face.

"That's one of the really fun things about this show is that people turn into kids like they do on Christmas morning... And kids scare easier."

And who could blame them after seeing Dark Hour's custom-made winter monsters!

"Christmas time is a show where we don't have to make anything up," Hopps said.  "You have Krampuses, you have ice monsters, ice golems, and just spirits of winter that are really scary things - all we have to do is pull from it."

And all the costumes and masks and makeup is all done in-house, by Dark Hour's team of artists.  Over 20 of them work year-round!

"People like horror movies all year," said Hopps, "So they also like haunted houses all year.

"It's also a great outlet.  The things that scare us now, you can't scream about.  People look silly if they scream about their mortgage or scream about traffic.  It's okay to come here and scream and cry.  You have fears already - bring 'em here, we'll put a face on them."

And that face will be a wintery one this Friday and Saturday in Plano.

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