World Kindness Day Couldn’t Come at a Better Time

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DALLAS — In a world full of deplorables and nasty women, there’s still room for kindness.

“Actions speak louder than words,” said DFW resident, Elizabeth Williams. “Smile a lot.”

“Just simple things,” added another resident, Crystal Hicks. “Saying thank you. Opening doors. It’s as simple as relaxing your face and not looking so stern.”

That’s right, y’all. No room for RBF on World Kindness Day! And let’s be honest. This day came at the perfect time.

“It’s more like the un-united states or the divided states instead of the United States,” Hicks said.

But how do we, every day citizens, make this the world we want?

“We need to have conversations,” Hicks said. “We need to get to know each other. When you know someone, you don’t make assumptions. You don’t focus on stereotypes.”

It sounds like opening our doors and our hearts could be the key toward the future we truly need.

“We’re becoming very isolated, and it’s very very important that we are all one of the same world,” Williams said.

So how about a challenge for the week to come?

“I hope everybody that sees this will try to act a little bit nicer and kinder next week,” Williams said.

We’re in if you are!

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