Working out can keep you sane in the worst of times!

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DALLAS -- Working out isn`t just about looking good, any industry professional will tell you it`s also about feeling good!

"Physical activity is a great de-stressor, especially today`s world, today`s economy, definitely a good time to de-stress," says Lilian Nwora, a Registered Dietician & Personal Trainer.

A tip that everyone should probably pay attention to, but especially those who are dealing with significant stressors in their life - like the thousands who have been displaced from Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and whatever other catastrophic events happening around the country.

When people are dealing with things like that -- it's easy to put fitness on the back burner.

Nwora says when the going gets tough - get going!

"It`s important to stay on top of that! That`s what keeps you sane as you guys are navigating, where are we going to stay tonight? What are we going to eat? What are we going to do with our jobs, our homes? It`s really good to have that as a de-stressor, it`s also really good to keep your spirits high, it releases endorphins when you`re active."

And for those thinking, I don`t have the money or belong to a gym, that`s still no excuse...

"If you`re at home and you don`t have any equipment I`d start with a good dynamic warmup."

She shows us shuffles, bear crawls, dips, wall sits, tuck jumps, and curtsy lunges.

And if burning off fat and stress isn`t enough?

Maybe future medication costs will do the trick.

"I work in health care and I see so many people who aren`t moving and of course the health conditions that can come with that, so while you are alive and well it is definitely definitely definitely worth it to be moving [...] as short as 10 minutes to an hour at the gym, whatever that looks like for you."

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