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DALLAS-The dinner table not only serves as a place to sit and have a meal, it’s a place to connect with those you love and Bree Clarke knows that best.

“Sometimes the dinner table is the most underrated piece of furniture but it brings so many families together where they’re able to share a meal, memories and moments,” said Clarke.

It all started when she and her husband, Carlos, were looking for an affordable farmhouse table for their first home.

“Everything that I looked at was outrageously priced and I was like I’m not going to spend $3,000 on a farmhouse table and my dad said ‘well I can help you make one.’ He showed us how to make it and the first week I had over 24 friends that wanted our farmhouse table.”

Slowly but surely orders for a table like hers came in and The Iman Project took shape.

“We started in June 2015 and we’re over 4,000 tables now, we’ve built a lot, not just tables… anything hand-crafted,” she said.

But Bree’s motivation didn’t stop at providing boho-chic designs for people’s homes. Instead, her vision of community came together with On the Table Workshops for women.

“I’ve always been kind of creative and loved doing different arts and different crafts,” she explained.

And her growth as an entrepreneur has led her to spread the word to other women, most recently during a Ted Talk in New York.

“What inspires me is seeing these women that step out of their comfort zone. Some of these women have never driven past Northpark Mall and I’m hosting workshops in Frisco or Plano.”

This boss babe isn’t doing it alone, her husband and six-year-old twins are very much a part of her business model. These #koolkids even have their own table line.

“It’s just like mini people and mini tables and it’s just a really cool concept. The colors are fun, they’re inviting, they’re really kid friendly and then I make sure that they’re really affordable for that parent that does want that play table,” said Clarke.

Whether its building tables or bringing people together around one, you can bet Bree will always have a seat for you.

Pull up a chair and join her at her next On the Table Workshop.