Women say Taco Bell induces labor!

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It wasn't too many days ago when we told you about how you could now get married at Taco Bell. Well, now, we've got another Taco Bell story for you, but this one has nothing to do with wedding bells and more to do with babies!

If you're towards the end of your pregnancy, you might want to pick up a Chalupa because women are claiming Taco Bell induces labor just as fast as it can give you the runs!

According to some first-hand testimonies on What to Expect, Taco Bell helped several women pop that bun right out of the oven by adding some diablo sauce!

On new mom said, “I had taco bell yesterday, unknowingly, and had my baby girl this morning!”

The conversation also took to twitter with one mom-to-be tweeting this:

"Operation induce my labor in full force: tacos topped with 6 packs of fire sauce from Taco Bell"

To be quite honest, there isn't any real proof that ensures having a big beefy burrito will get the pea out of the pod, it all depends on the body.

But hey, if you're pregnant now and trying to get married at the Las Vegas Taco Bell chapel this summer maybe a Crunchy Taco Supreme is worth a try.

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