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SAUDI ARABIA – Women in Saudi Arabia are ready to get behind the wheel. A royal decree has been issued allowing women to drive, Saudi Arabia announced Tuesday.

It’s a huge women’s rights win for a country that had previously refused to grant drivers licenses to women.

Female activists in the country have been fighting for rights — including driving — for years. while the change is being implemented immediately, it is no doubt a big step for the women of Saudi Arabia.

The ruling is expected to go into effect by June of next year.


Some people are attributing this attitude shift to the country’s new crown prince, who’s notably more progressive.

Mohammed bin Salman, at 32 years old, is the country’s new crown prince. He’s apparently been one who has been pushing reform within the country. Even so, a great deal of credit should be given to female activists within Saudi Arabia who have passionately been fighting for their rights.

One of these women: Loujain al-Hathloul, was arrested multiple times for her activism. She was caught driving back in 2014 for trying to drive from the United Arab Emirates into Saudi Arabia. She was detained for 73 days at one point.

Her efforts and others’ have finally paid off, or WILL pay off next June (when the ban ends). Long overdue.