Staying Relevant: Mom Holds Vigil for Missing Christina Morris

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ALLEN, TX – The days may be getting shorter, but for one mom – whose daughter has been missing for three weeks – they couldn’t get any longer.

More than 100 people joined her at a candlelight vigil Thursday night trying to keep hope alive for Christina Morris. She disappeared Labor Day weekend from a trendy Plano shopping center.

“It’s just like she disappeared and there’s no answers, no clues,” Christina’s mother Jonni McElroy said. “And it’s a wait game.”

Day after day of searching, on the ground and in the air, turned up nothing. Frustrations are at an all-time-high for Christina’s family and friends – especially her mother.

“We need everybody and anybody that knows something to please come forward,” McElroy pleaded.

Hours after Morris’ candlelight vigil, the Plano Police Department took to their Facebook page to try to generate more awareness about the case.

“We’re having to keep an open mind and just look in all different directions,” officer David Tilley of Plano Police said.

The only solid clue is grainy surveillance video. It shows Morris walking into the parking garage around four in the morning. She’s seen walking with a man described as a high school friend. The two go separate ways. He made it to his car. Morris never did.

Questions have been swirling about Morris’ live-in boyfriend, Hunter Foster. Why didn’t he report her missing? Why did she call him 15 times the morning before she disappeared?

“I just want her to come home and be alive and safe,” he said.

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Although reality is starting to set in, Christina’s mom is burning her candle at both ends.

“Have a heart, have a conscience. I mean c’mon, let her come home!”

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