RICHARDSON — A facade of normalcy presented itself in front of the Mathews home Tuesday morning. The sun was shining and the sprinklers were spraying.

If you looked a little closer, you’d notice the uncut grass with weeds growing higher than a foot in some places, and the note on the door for an unclaimed package. Then you’d remember things are anything but normal on the 900 block of Richardson’s Sunningdale Road.

“Thinking about how this happened and how this little girl suffered what happened to her, it’s really emotional,” Zahid Abbasi said, standing with his wife, Rashida, in front of the growing memorial behind the Mathews home.

Sherin Mathews’ father, Wesley, is behind bars for a second time after telling Richardson Police Monday that his original story was wrong. No, she wasn’t sent outside the back gate as punishment before disappearing. She choked on milk as he “physically assisted” her. She coughed, her breathing slowed, and she died. Then he removed the body from the home.

Mourners have been skeptical of Mr. Mathews from the start, and that’s not changing.

“I think there’s more to it,” Richardson resident James Bailey said. “If it’s an accident, you call for help right away. You don’t make up a story and waste Police resources.”

Among neighbors and volunteers, the question came up: if the tree behind the Mathews’ home actually had nothing to do with Sherin’s story, should the memorial stay there?

“He made up the story that she was here, so basically that’s not the original memorial so my feeling is it’s going to get moved to where they found the body,” Abbasi said.

Diane Mott had searched for three-year-old Sherin since day one, and she had another idea, a whole new memorial.

“This was actually where she was last in this home, the garage,” Mott said, stacking stuffed animals across the street from the garage door. She added that it would be a reminder of what happened to anyone come or going from the house.

Where will all these animals and flowers end up?

We don’t know right now, but all the love is headed to one place: straight to Sherin Mathews.