Wisconsin company now offering to microchip employees

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Just a few months ago we told you about companies in Sweden micro-chipping their employees.

Well, looks like that trend is coming to the U.S.

A Wisconsin company is now offering to put microchips into employees that would give the power to open office doors, log into computers, and even buy snacks, all in the palms of their hands. Literally.

The microchip offered by Three Square Market is about the size of a grain of rice. It gets implanted between the thumb and forefinger.

Vice President of International Development at Three Square Market, Tony Danna, joined Morning Dose on Tuesday via Skype. He said the microchip does not track employees' whereabouts.

"There's absolutely no GPS ability. It's an RIFD reader, so it only works when you're 6 inches from proximity reader, " Danna said.

He said 50 of their 85 employees have agreed to get micro-chipped.

"Eliminating the need to carry around a wallet, keys, fobs, company badges," Danna said.

But professor Marie DesJardins at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, who also joined Morning Dose, said we need to be careful.

"We don't really have protection in place for people's data, and the security of the data and the privacy of the data to be moving too far in this direction yet," DesJardins said.

And wouldn't it feel like you're always on the clock? Who would want that?!

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