Dashcam Could Mean Death Penalty in Kaufman Case

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ROCKWALL, Texas — We know Eric Williams is a convicted murderer. It didn’t take a jury long to come to that conclusion last week.

So now, Williams is trying to stay off death row, but prosecutors hope to get him there by showing another death.

It was dashcam video from a Kaufman police officer. The officer just gets to the spot where Assistant D.A. Mark Hasse was shot. It’s tense and emotional as the cop tries to save a life.

Hasse died that day in January of last year–one of three victims over 8 weeks in Kaufman County. First Hasse, then district attorney Mike McClelland and his wife Cynthia.  Williams was convicted of Cynthia’s murder; the theory is he’s responsible for all three.

That’s why jurors saw the video and heard testimony from people who were there

“He was saying “Sorry, sorry,” witness Martin Cerda said with the help of a translatOr.” And then he fired.”

“He shot down and I counted three shots. There were more shots than that but I specifically remember counting three shots,” witness Lenda Bush said.

We’re still waiting to find out whether Eric Williams’ estranged wife will testify in the sentencing, and to see what witnesses his lawyers might call to try to keep him off death row.

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