Will Trump release last JFK assassination documents?

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DALLAS, TX — More than 50 years later, there are still a million questions surrounding JFK’s assassination.

Was there more than one shooter? Was the CIA involved? We may never know.

The last of the super secret official government documents about JFK’s death are ready to be released to the public. In 1992, a law was passed that made the government release the remaining secret documents by October 26th of this year. Well, times a tickin’, and the people are ready!

“I think they haven’t released them because it might hurt some people. The truth, we want the truth. We want to know what happened,” Franco Ambrosi told NewsFix.

There’s a catch, though. President Trump could block the files from the public, you know, because of national security and all that jazz.

However, lawmakers really want Trump to release the info. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley tweeted among them:

“I think Mr. Trump should release the documents but I don’t think he will because the information may be too sensitive,” Ambrosi said.

Don’t get your hopes up, the likelihood of the documents giving out the juicy details is really slim.

“It’s being promoted as everything. It’s not everything,” Robert Groden said. “Things such as the autopsy photographs, Lee Harvey Oswald’s social security records, things of that nature are still being withheld,.”

If trump does release the goods, it probably won’t be the last piece of the JFK puzzle, and if he doesn’t, it’ll still be one of the biggest mysteries of all time.

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