Will evil prevail? Witches in America reportedly want to cast a spell on Trump

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NEW YORK, NY -- If you're one of the few folks fighting for Trump's presidential exit, well, you might wanna sit back and let the witches work their magic.

No, seriously!

A witchhunt is underway for the POTUS and there's said to be a document out there titled "A spell to bind Donald Trump and all those who abet them (Version 2.0)."

Sooo, does this mean version one didn't work?!

Anywho, it allegedly says you just need an unflattering photo of Trump, candle, tarot card, and, you know, a few other evil things. The spell is reportedly scheduled to take place at midnight.
Even singer Lana Del Rey has publicly pledged she'll partake in the mass ritual.


But, don't hold your breath, Trump haters. The site ChristianNationalism.com is preaching days of prayer to debunk this witchcraft. It encourages all "Christian soldiers to answer this call to action by reading from Psalm:23."

Whatever you believe in, you gotta wonder if that black magic will turn Trump into an orange pumpkin orrrr naaah?


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