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DENTON, MO– It appears there may have been a baby Bigfoot among us. Well, not exactly.

A mysterious creature was shot and killed in Denton, Montana. A rancher shot it because he thought it was a wolf stalking his livestock. Now, authorities aren’t so sure what it is.

“The department did respond and on first response, something was not right about the animal. It doesn’t look like a wild wolf,” Wildlife Management Section Chief Quentin Kujala said in a Facebook video.

While it certainly had some characteristics similar to wolves, there were a few discrepancies.

It had canine type teeth that were too short. It’s paws were too small and the claws were too long. The ears were too big and the fur wasn’t quite like wolves’ fur.

Lots of people want to know what it is, but it will take a while to find out. Montana Fish, Wildlife And Parks took the animal to do DNA tests, but said that process may take weeks or months.

“We’re not sure when we’ll get those results back but when we do, we will certainly let people know just exactly what that genetics test confirms that animal to be. The strongest suspicion is that it’s a wolf-dog hybrid,” Kujala said

While we all wait, social media already has its own conclusions.

Some are even speculating that it could be a dire-wolf from game of thrones.

Whatever it is, it didn’t stand a chance.