See It: St. Barts Tourist Gets Clipped by Landing Plane!

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ST. BARTHELEMY — A tourist in St. Barts was hoping to get a close-up photo of planes landing. But not THIS close!

Amateur photographer Mekki Jaidi was on vacation when he decided to head to a plane-spotting area famous for its nerve-wracking low plane descents.

That’s when one small aircraft got a little too low and grazed him!

A guy nearby testing out his 360-degree camera captured the scary moment when the plane swooped over Jaidi’s ducked head, narrowly avoiding a full collision.

Jaidi told CNN he “felt something briefly but no pain at all.”

Because he was looking through the viewfinder, he didn’t realize just how low the plane was flying — until the very last second.

After the plane missed him, the pilot reportedly aborted his second landing attempt before finally succeeding on the third.

“You could tell me my life was in danger, but did I feel like it was? No. I wasn’t hurt at all,” he said.

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