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Remember the Lion King? Of course you do. Who could possibly forget Hakuna Matata?

Well, good news: it's getting a sequel  called The Lion's Guard: Return of the Roar.

And even though Matthew Broderick has been replaced by Rob Lowe as the voice of Simba, this got us thinking...what has the cast of The Lion King been up to?

First, there's Whoopi Goldberg, the voice of Shenzi, the hyena. Besides spending some time aboard the enterprise on Star Trek: The Next Generation, she's been in Ghosts of Mississippi, The Little Rascals, Theodore Rex, Rat Race, The View and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to name just a few.

What about Zazu, voiced by Rowan Atkinson? Besides starring in Rat Race with Whoopi, he's been in Scooby-Doo and Love Actually – not to mention STILL playing Mr Bean AND Johnny English.

Now let's talk about Timon and Pumba – played by Nathan Lane and Ernie Sabella. Sabella, or better known as Mr. Carosi from the Saved by the Bell Malibu Sands Episodes, has kept busy...but mostly as the voice of Pumba. Between video games and direct-to-video sequels, he just LOVES playing that warthog. And Nathan Lane, Timon, has been in a million things like The Birdcage, Mousehunt, Austin Powers in Goldmember and Modern Family...but might be best-known in the Broadway AND film musical versions of The Producers...

...which brings us to Matthew Broderick – the voice of adult Simba. Not only was in the Producers with Nathan Lane...not ONLY did he get married to Sarah Jessica Parker...not ONLY was he in The Cable Guy, The Stepford Wives AND Election...but he was in quite possibly the best bad movie ever – GODZILLA.

And there you go, what the stars of The Lion King have been up to since Scar murdered the voice of Darth Vader in front of the kid from Home Improvement. Will the new sequel be any good? We'll find out soon enough – but one thing's for sure – these new voice actors have some mighty big shoes to fill.

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