What?! Wife May Go to Prison for NOT Cooking & Cleaning for Her Husband

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SONNINO, Italy — Some of you ladies are lucky that this case would NEVER fly here in the U.S. A 40-year-old Italian woman is headed to trial after her husband claims she neglected and abused him… by not cooking and cleaning enough!

Uh… what?

Oh, and did we mention he’s also pissed because she would kick him out of their bedroom?


According to The Telegraph, the woman could get up to six years in prison if convicted of violating an Italian law that “punishes whoever mistreats a person in their family or a person entrusted to them for reasons of education, care or custody.”

Think you’re shocked? So are many Italians who can’t believe the case has gone this far.

As written in the Italian newspaper II Tempo, “It’s a case that seems to have come from the 1950’s and not from a country where equality between the sexes should be a given.”

The woman’s trial begins October 12th. But she may have already gotten a big break in the case. A female judge will preside over the trial.

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