Dallas woman donates kidney to her husband

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DALLAS -- For one Dallas couple, calling them soul mates could be an understatement.

For years Fred Pollard has had severe kidney problems.

"It start when I was two years old, played little league baseball in the summer, kinda woke up one day started putting on a lot of weight and it just didn't stop. I went to the doctor and come to find out it was fluid in my kidneys and it just all but quit I guess," said Fred.

Eventually Fred would have to undergo a treatment that would save his life. That's when he went to Medical City Dallas for a kidney transplant.

"He had been going through a lot of treatment and I think back in late November, his kidneys completely shut down, and obviously that is a point when life changes for a patient," said Dr. Salman Khan.

The surgery was a success, but what makes this case even more special is Fred's donor, his wife Jane.

Fred and Jane Pollard met their sophomore year in high school when Jane sold Fred a set of tires from her brothers car.

"He came to look at them and wanted to buy them and by the time he bought the tires he asked me out on a date. I sold the tires and made a good sale and I made a heck of a good buy!" said Jane.

After 44 years of marriage it was a no brainer that when her husband was in need Jane would do anything she could to save his life.

And when asked how it felt to have his wife donate him a kidney, Fred was practically speechless.

"I don't know that I can answer that or not without crying."

"To be able to give [him] literally the gift of life, you know, maybe were good for all Christmases and birthdays as we go forward, maybe we're good for all that!" said Jane.

And to top it all off Fred's transplant marked the 100th kidney transplant by the hospital in 2018.

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