Why the Cowboys always play on Thanksgiving

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FRISCO — When the Thanksgiving meal is done, and you and the fam are around the TV watching some football, you’ll probably have that one annoying Cowboys-hater cousin ask “why does Dallas always get to play on Thanksgiving?”

Well here’s why: The Detroit Lions had actually been hosting Turkey Day showdowns since 1935 when the NFL decided they wanted to add another team, and Cowboys GM Tex Schramm jumped at the opportunity.

The game’s popularity soared with them playing. The NFL even tried to share the game, giving it to the St. Louis Cardinals in ’75 and ’77, but the ratings and appeal tanked, so it went back to Dallas and has stayed ever since.

“Thanksgiving is always special,” said Jason Witten. “One of the biggest blessings I can think of playing for the Cowboys is every Thanksgiving you have an opportunity to put that star on your helmet. It’s just such a special feeling to play in front of our country, enjoy some turkey and a big win.”

And there have been more good memories than bad through the years. Thursday is the Cowboys 50th Thanksgiving Day game, and so far they’ve won 30-18-1.

It’s also the most colorful game of the season. Through the years the Boys have worn every available jersey for the special game, and for those who are curious they’ll be in their Navy blues this year again.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the game, and be thankful that this uniquely American Holiday, belongs to America’s Team… and the Lions, too, we guess.

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