Who’s Watching Your Security Camera? Maybe EVERYONE!

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That security camera in your house might help you sleep a little easier at night. But it might also make it easier for
someone to watch you sleep.

Turns out, when most people connect their cameras to the Internet, they never change the username and password. That leaves it wide open for a voyeuristic hacker.

“They know when you’re leaving the house and they know when there’s no activity in the house for several days,” cyber security expert Ray Hutchins said.

A Russian website posted thousands of live cameras from the U.S. and around the world. Anyone can look at them. There are dozens of cameras in Texas. Hey, you didn’t think we were gonna show yours, did you?

“Those Russians that did this just did these people a favor,” Hutchins said. “They’ve just highlighted the fact that there’s vulnerabilities there.”

So how do you fix it? Change the password on your system. And don’t make it easy to guess.

“Simple passwords like 1,2,3 or whatever, they just don’t cut it,” Hutchins said.

If you don’t take action, don’t be surprised if you become the next Internet star. Remember what happened to Anthony Weiner.

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