Who’s In, Who’s Out: Super Bowl XLIX Matchup Set

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GLENDALE, AZ – Now that the Super Bowl matchup is finally set, it’s time for a crash course in facts about this year’s big game.

First, the game isn’t next Sunday, but the Sunday after that, on February 1st, so don’t be that person who makes things awkward by showing up to your friend’s party a week early. Next, the game’s being played in Glendale, Arizona.

Also, whether you`re looking to further your education or not, be prepared to hear a lot about the University of Phoenix for the next couple of weeks. That’s because the online college is the title sponsor of the stadium. Who said education couldn’t be fun?

Speaking of that, the Roman numerals XLIX represent the number 49. You’re welcome.

Your halftime entertainment is Katy Perry so be prepared to hear her “roar.”

As far as the actual game is concerned, don’t expect to hear too much from Marshawn Lynch, but expect to hear a lot from his teammate, Richard Sherman. Oh, and Tom Brady’s pretty good; he’s playing for his fourth Super Bowl ring. In the end, let’s just hope for a good game and that the guys wearing stripes don’t find a way to screw it up.

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