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Ok students, here’s the question of the day — “What’s actually meaner than a mean girl?”

Answer: According to a study from the University of Georgia — boys!

Researchers revealed that scientifically, grade school boys are far more physically aggressive than girls.

Let’s face it, girls are usually the ones to blame for spreading nasty rumors or talking behind your back, but guys would rather duke it out in the hallway and also participate in all those mean girl antics!

Researchers call it being “relational aggressive.”

Out of the 620 kids who participated in the study, the meanest kids tallies totaled: 66.7% for boys and girls at 33.3%.

Shocked? Yeah, we were, too.

But, there’s good news for these bad boys. Researchers say boys are likely to grow out of these nasty habits by the time they reach their senior year.

Well, better late than never, huh?