Whoa, Nelly! Rapper Arrested on Drug Charges in Tennessee

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PUTNAM COUNTY, TN — It probably just got a little too hot for rapper Nelly after his recent run in with the law!

And it wasn`t because he hasn`t made a hit in almost 5 years either.

We`re talking some serious felony charges!

Saturday morning, a Tennessee state trooper pulled-over the rapper’s tour bus. Cops say it didn’t have proper stickers but things got real after they sniffed out pot on his bus.

That’s not the half of it. They also found a plastic bag full of crystal rocks. And anyone who’s seen breaking bad knows those crystals aren’t jewelry — that’s meth. Yeah, troopers found the stash tucked away in the sleeper along with some handguns.

Whoa! The ‘Nellyville’ star was allegedly packing!

But, his lawyer is putting all the blame on other people who were riding on his tour bus. He`s claiming Nelly had nothing to do with the drugs found on the bus.

Looks like Nelly should get this dilemma cleaned up fast or he could be “going down, down baby”.


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