Who Is The Mysterious “Woman In Black” in Tennessee?

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Who Is The Mysterious “Woman In Black” in Tennessee?

KNOVXILLE, TN– A mysterious woman in all black pulling a cart has a lot of people talking on social media in Tennessee.

She’s recently been see all through the state, and last month she was spotted in Wise County, Virginia. Someone even posted a video of her on YouTube arguing about religion with a group of people in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

So who is she? She claims she’s 56 years-old and on a bible mission. The Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office says her name is Elizabeth Poles and she’s from Alabama. She apparently told them that she was from an Islamic nation and worked at the pentagon, though they determined that wasn’t true.

Now, everyone’s talking about recent sightings, though it seems she wants to stay a mystery.

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