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BERLIN, GERMANY — It wasn’t that long ago when the talk of the town was a different part of German model Martina’s anatomy.

Now, her sights have shifted, and so has her skin tone, as she transformed herself into a black woman.

Apparently soaking up the sun and laying in a tanning bed just wasn’t cutting it! So she opted for tanning injections. Which gradually made her skin darker, and this is the new Martina:

The model has since died her hair from blonde to black, complete with new hair extensions and lip injections, and posted to Facebook saying this was “the next step in her transformation to a black woman.”

She’s not stopping there. The next thing on her to do list is a bigger behind!

Martina’s obsession with darker skin has reached a point where she calls herself a black woman with black woman struggles, and recently had issues where she was refused a flight and a hotel room because she looked nothing like her passport picture! She even posted a Facebook video about it.

Any of this sound familiar? People say Rachel Dolezal, who told people she was black, opened this “race change door,” but maybe we should all just listen to M.J on this one. Maybe it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white.