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OAKLAND, CA– In most cases, enjoying your life should never be a crime. However, barbecuing in an Oakland, California park might just get the police called on you!

At least that’s what happened when one man fired up his grill on a sunny afternoon.

In an attempt to shut down the party, a woman called the police because she said “it’s illegal to have a charcoal grill in the park here.”

The area was indeed a grilling area, but it was not actually designated for charcoal grilling. So, in a way,  she was right.

While that was against the rules, it wasn’t exactly breaking the law.

Now, less than two weeks after the video went viral, a new video showing a huge celebration in the same area is now going viral too!

It seems this incident is following a terrible trend, where white people are calling the police on black people for doing normal things like sitting at a table in Starbucks, packing up after renting an Airbnb for a vacation, or taking a nap in a dorm’s common area while studying.

While some people argue these situations have nothing to do with race, it’s not just black people who are noticing the trend.

“If a black, brown, or any person who happens to be a different color as you makes you feel uncomfortable, again, you are the problem. Stop calling the police on people who are trying to live because of your fragile insecurities,” video blogger Francis Maxwell said.

Whether it’s racially motivated or not, calling police for non-emergencies should be a crime of it’s own.