Whistleblower claims Venezuela sells phony passports… to terrorists

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Well, if President Trump’s travel ban is ever reinstated, he may want to considering adding Venezuela to the list.

A whistleblower claims the Venezuelan government is selling phony passports and visas to terrorists — right out of the embassy in Iraq.

“Full of visas and passports. He told me, ‘Get this, this is one million U.S. dollars,'” Misael Lopez, former legal adviser to the Venezuelan Embassy in Iraq, told CNN. “I thought it was like a joke, then he told me, ‘Here, people pay a lot of money to get a visa or passport to leave this country.’ They pay us 10,000 U.S. dollars for a visa.”

A CNN investigation uncovered the scheme.

This is a big deal because a Venezuelan passport grants you entry into more than 130 countries — not including the U.S.

“I have found a link to three things: laundering money, trafficking drugs and terrorism,” Lopez said.

And the warning is simple, “If we don’t get our arms around this problem, people are gonna die.”

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