Where’s Pops? One year after transformation from homeless to Homebless

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DALLAS--Do you remember Pops? The 71-year-old Dallas man who is homeless.

He is now a household name.

"Pops became a national celebrity, 27 million views," says activist Laterras R. Whitfield while laughing.

27 million views on the transformation we did last year.

We first showed the way people treated pops.

Then we gave him a makeover and showed you how people started to treat him differently.

"We missed a huge opportunity, 27 million views and he is still in this situation," says Whitfield.

The idea behind the video was to get Pops a place to live and a part-time job. Whitfield says they still need your help meeting that goal. "He doesn't have vital documents, so who is going to hire you if you don't have an ID," Whitfield says.

It's more complex than you might imagine.

"Think about it. What would make people want to sit out here in the elements versus with a roof over their head? It's not because they don't want to."

On a more positive note, Whitfield says, "I feel like it did a lot of good as far as awareness is concerned."

A year later, people still seek out Pops, handing him some cash, or just saying hello. It's a good feeling, you know, to be noticed.

"You know, no one wants to be treated like they are invisible."

Pops hopes you'll do that for all people who often are ignored.

"That goes a long way, wouldn't you agree?" Whitfield asks Pops. Pops responds, "Yeah."

That's what this social experiment did. It showed you, just for a moment, what that feels like.

If you'd like to help Pops, you can make a donation at www.homeblesslife.com.

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