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After this weekend, we finally find out who gets to play in the Super Bowl.

But with Tom Brady’s hand injury, have the chances of the Patriots going to the big game, well, deflated?

The 40-year-old’s throwing hand is still an issue. Apparently, he bumped into a teammate during practice and was sent to medical staff. He skipped out on Wednesday’s practice and was excused from chatting with the media.

Now, if you’re a Patriot’s hater, you’ll think it’s just an excuse to keep him off camera until the game but it turns out, he’s really hurt.

Doctors checked the x-rays and they say he should be ok. He was present during practice on Thursday and Friday, just jogging around. Brady is officially Listed As “questionable” for Sunday’s game. Any other information is being kept on the down low by the Patriots, as usual.

If Brady plays, the New England Patriots will be tough to beat, especially during playoff time. I mean they’ve claimed five super bowls.

We all know the underdog Jacksonville Jaguars are going to give it their best shot but some extra tips and tricks can’t hurt!

Jags coach, Doug Marron, received a folder at his office from a first-grade classroom in Jacksonville. The kiddos sent him a playbook of what they think it’ll take to beat the defending champs in the AFC title game.

Written in crayon one said:  ‘run fast, have fun and don’t blow your coverage.’ Another student told them ‘don’t fumble and sack Tom Brady’

Talk about friendly advice!