What’s Next? Empty Proposed Locations for Border Kids

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After more than a month of discussions, debates and protests, Judge Clay Jenkins announced Thursday that unaccompanied children at the border would not be coming to Dallas after all.

Today Jenkins was at the Cathedral of Hope, his first public appearance since the announcement.

“These temporary shelters are no longer needed anywhere in the United States,” said Jenkins after the special service, “The border flow has slowed enough to where we have enough shelter beds for the children in the facilities that are already standing up.”

While the Metroplex is still left with three vacant locations that were proposed to house the undocumented kids, one of the spots is going to see a little sports action.

The soccer field at D.A. Hulcy Middle School is home to the local Southwest Soccer League every Sunday!

“Right now we have about twelve teams and they play eleven games.” said club president, Jose Vallez.

The league rents the fields from the school district, so DISD is getting something out of their empty school and the area is getting some great Sunday fun.

So it’s a win-win situation. If only one of those could be crafted so easily for the children at the border!


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