What the Heck is a Petextrian?!

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DALLAS -- They walk amongst us and their bad habits are possibly endangering our streets! They're called -- "Petextrians!" You know, the people who walk the walk and text?

Yeah, there's been proof that sending those emojis while ignoring street signs could land you in trouble.

texting walking
'Petextrian' falls into fountain.. Smh

Or even worse, they could lead to death.

Okay, so we've all been warned about the dangers of distracted driving, but a new government report says pedestrian fatalities are on the rise and the finger may not point to the person behind the wheel.

Get this: nearly 40% of US teens have been struck or nearly hit by a passing car, motorcycle, or bike. And studies show that those same people tend to have higher rates of cell phone-related distraction.

Remember peeps, don't text and walk. It can wait!

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