What the Frack?! Texas Senate Vote Could Undo Denton Fracking Ban

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DENTON, TX - "It makes me angry," said Jimmy Pittman,  who voted for the fracking ban.

"That's just against Denton," J.P. Spalding, who has lived in Denton since 1970 and voted for the ban, said laughing.

Yep, Denton folks can't help but feel like a target after they banned fracking in their city last year.

"Cities ought to have the right to call those ordinances as they see them," Salty Rishel, who voted for the ban, said.

Well, a Texas Senate Committee doesn't see eye-to-eye with Denton voters.

They unanimously passed what's being called the Denton Fracking Bill. Now, the entire Senate will vote this week and this vote could undo the ban that voters in Denton just passed.

Wait, what?!

"I'm forever the optimist," Rhonda Love with Denton Drilling Awareness Group said. "I always think that until the vote is tallied, there's always time to intervene and we have a number of people making phone calls, visits, sending letters, and emails. Protesting. It's not over. It's not over."

It's also not over for Denton's City Council.  No Fracking way.  They met with attorneys Tuesday to see if they could come up with any strategies to combat the bill.

So, Don't Mess With Texas, unless you're oil and gas.  What the frack?!

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