What Record? 1st Time Event Helps Workers Get Rid of Old Criminal Records

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FORT WORTH, TX --Sometimes people screw up. We get it! No one's perfect!

The problem is, companies don't tend to be so forgiving when they get job applications.

"Man, I think it gets thrown out 100% of the time," 41-year-old Fort Worth resident Artius Lincecum said about having to admit to being convicted of a crime on job applications. "Nine times out of 10, when they look at it, they don`t want no one with a criminal history."

Yeah, it'd sure be nice to take some Wite-Out and make that criminal record disappear. If only there was a way these people who paid their debt to society could start over.

"Our goal today is to get as many people who qualify, to get them actually to get their records expunged," said Historic Stop Six Director Carlos Walker.

The L. Clifford Davis Legal Association and the Historic Stop Six Initiative teamed up Saturday at Fort Worth's Dunbar High School to do just that for those who made a mistake and wanted to wipe the slate clean.

Lincecum was one of those.

"I got hit first, and I just overstepped my bounds, I guess," he said, detailing his past arrest. "My anger got the best control of me."

He got into a deferred adjudication program, which allowed him to stay out of jail and do community service. Then, he tried to move on with his life, but future employers weren't buying it.

"It's kinda hard to get a job, and they look at your background and the first thing they see is you have a conviction on your record," Lincecum said.

Expunging a criminal record can run up to $3,000, and it's worth remembering that these are people who are struggling to find work.

This clinic, which helped up to 500 people, had attorneys working for free for most of the folks who were approved.

"Once I get this off my record," Lincecum said, "then maybe then I could possibly get a job working with you guys over at CW."

If you're available nights and weekends, maybe we'll talk!"

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