What NOT To Do If You Want To Succeed

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It's not far-fetched to say most people want to be successful.  But it's not always easy. Just being GOOD at your job isn't usually enough. There are a few things you might be doing that could actually be hurting your chances at being successful at work.

So, here are three tips from Fortune to help you make those fat stacks.

Don't over-share at work
Yes, you might have some good friends at work – people you go out to eat with every day – but that doesn't mean you should talk about EVERYTHING with them. If you want to tell them you're going snorkeling on the weekend, that's fine. But going on and on about your messy break-up during the Monday morning meeting is something successful people usually don't do.

Don't dress too casually
Yes, things have changed since the 1960's and people don't always wear suits and hats to work – but just because your dress code doesn't specifically state you can't wear pajamas to work doesn't mean you should wear them. Keep your clothes clean and work appropriate.

Avoid chronic lateness
Things can happen to throw off schedules; traffic can be terrible and sometimes the alarm doesn't go off – but if you're constantly late to work or even meetings AT work, you're basically telling people you aren't reliable and don't respect the schedules of your coworkers. So, yeah, don't be that person.

Now, of course, just following these three steps won't guarantee you fame and riches – but it's hard to get those riches WITHOUT doing them.

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