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SOUTH AMERICA — The world is a nutty place, y’all. Today’s proof comes from Peru, where an estimated 10,000 “Scrotum Frogs” have died, near the one place where they live in nature.  Lake Titicaca.

Now, before you laugh, this is serious business!

The Titicaca Scrotum Frog — named for its baggy, wrinkly skin — is a critically endangered species.  So, 10,000 of them apparently croaking at once isn’t such a good thing.

The Peruvian government is investigating what could have killed the frogs, and folks down there are pointing to pollution.  Apparently, someone’s been dumping sewage into one of the lake’s feeder rivers.

This report comes just a couple days after the announcement that Hollywood is making a Captain Planet movie. Seems to us that someone determined to “bring pollution down to zero” might be just the hero the Scrotum Frogs of Lake Titicaca deserve.