What Happens When Dogs Eat Halloween Grub

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FRISCO - So you’re loaded up with Halloween candy but Rover finds your stash. Turns out some of your trick or treat booty may be bad for your bud.

Dr. Erin Shults, of the non-profit Mazie`s Mission, says, “One of the first things you’re going to see is vomiting, which really isn’t a bad thing because it can get it out of their system. And you can see diarrhea. In very severe cases, you’re going to see tremoring.”

It’s that time of year for when the vet gets swamped with candy questions. “My dog ate this many Snickers and this many M&M’s, and sometimes we have to actually sit down and calculate it. Are they ok or are they in the gray area? But November 1 is when it starts." said Dr. Shults

The vet says dogs will chow down on wrappers and foil, which  eventually will pass. But chocolate can be scary for dogs especially if they eat too much. “They’re not used to it like we are. We eat sugar pretty much every day as human beings but dogs don’t. So when they do get into it, it can be a pretty big gastro-intestinal mess," said Shults.

The vet says the smaller the dog the sicker they get. “The Labrador, don’t worry about it. They may have to go to the bathroom a few more times," She said.

And guess what! The vet says Thanksgiving grub is worse.

Mazie's Mission is a non-profit that relies on donations to stay afloat. Their Honky Tonk Gala is November 5 to benefit their effort to build a rescue clinic.

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