What happens to the kids who threaten to shoot up schools AFTER they’re arrested?

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DALLAS -- Since the Parkland shooting, law enforcement has been busy working dozens of cases of threats to schools in the DFW.

Within the past week, arrests have been made in Grand Prairie and Arlington school districts for threatening posts made on social media.

But what happens after the cops cuff these kids?

"What normally happens is the District Attorney's office files a criminal case against that child," said 304th District Court Judge Andrea Martin. "We have a judge downstairs that hears those cases. That judge determines whether society can be safe if that child is released or not."

Martin sees young students in her courtroom for crimes like this everyday.

The struggle? Trying to decide who's just a kid that made a stupid decision on social media, and who could actually be a risk.

"There's a fine line because as a parent, you love your child and you don't want your child to be locked up somewhere," Martin said. "But as a judge, I'm required to protect the public, so I have to balance those competing factors."

There's no doubt, being a kid these days can be tough, but judges like Martin are asking kids to think twice before they potentially ruin their life with an Instagram post.

"If you make a threat that you're going to bring a gun to school, that you're going to shoot up the school, then we're going to take that seriously," Martin said. "Because we don't see that as child's play."

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