What Genius Made Election Day on Tuesday?

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DALLAS--We all know we should vote, but a lot of people don't.

Maybe it's because it's Tuesday and even if you can get away from work it's not always convenient to get to your polling place.

And then there are the lines.

So, you ask, why is voting on Tuesday a thing?

The folks at WhyTuesday.org have an answer:

"Absolutely no good reason whatsoever," Jacob Soboroff said on the organization's video. "I am not joking."

They say it dates back to 1845.

"America was an agrarian society," Soboroff said in the video. "People traveled by horse and buggy. You had to be back in time for market day and you couldn't travel on the Sabbath. Tuesday it was!"

There's a bill to move federal elections to weekends. Lots of other countries do it and their voter turnout is a lot higher than ours. We'll have to see if congress can get around to voting on *that*.

And once we're done with that, maybe we can talk about whether we need to keep changing our clocks twice a year!

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