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DALLAS (KDAF) — The 2021-22 NFL season is winding down and it’s been quite the year for fan bases for the best and worst of teams, but who tops out in terms of tailgating? surveyed 2,000 fans to figure out which fan base has the most fun and the most tailgaters among other interesting categories.

The top five might come as a surprise but, if you’ve paid attention to tailgating content on social media, the top spot shouldn’t be a surprise. Fans of the Buffalo Bills, dubbed Bills Mafia, are the top tailgaters of the NFL. says the fan base, on average, consumes 3.9 drinks per tailgate, spends 59.18 on tailgating and their top tailgate food is chicken wings.

Top 5 NFL fans tailgating

  • Buffalo Bills (1)
  • New York Jets (2)
  • Las Vegas Raiders (3)
  • New York Giants (4)
  • Green Bay Packers (5)

Bottom 5 NFL fans tailgating

  • Tennessee Titans (28)
  • Baltimore Ravens (29)
  • San Francisco 49ers (30)
  • Seattle Seahawks (31)
  • Los Angeles Rams (32)

Don’t worry Dallas Cowboys fans, even though the fan base ranks 23rd in tailgating, they rank third in “most fun teams to tailgate with”, along with taking the top spot in tailgate spenders at $80.81, and ranked third in biggest tailgate drinkers at 3.3 drinks a tailgate. Fans of the Houston Texans were the top spot for biggest tailgate drinkers at 4.3 a tailgate and fourth at biggest tailgate spenders at $69.08. wrote, “Once again, Bills Mafia comes out No. 1. To be fair, who wouldn’t want to experience fans jumping on to tables? People also want to tailgate with Packers fans, who rank second behind the Bills. Fans of the Cowboys, Saints and Eagles round out the top five for fans most fun to tailgate with.”