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DALLAS– For police Chief, David Brown, it’s time to hang up the badge.

“I was shocked! I was really shocked because I think he was doing a good job,” Dallas resident Jerry Gonzalez said.

If you haven’t heard, on Thursday, Chief Brown announced the shocking news, that he will be retiring towards the end of October, putting to an end to his 33 years with the department.

Council member Monica R. Alonzo said, “First of all we want to make sure we appreciate and say thank you for all of the years he gave to not only the city but to the citizens of the city of Dallas.”

“Chief right now is receiving a lot of recognition throughout the country for what happened on July 7th,” Deputy Chief Albert Martinez said.

After the deadly shootings of July 7, the chief was praised by everyone from the mayor of Dallas, all the way up to president Obama himself. So what’s  the next beat for this DPD Chief?

“He really has a lot of options on the table,” said Jason Treu.

Treu is a business and executive coach. He says the chief could go into politics, but more than likely Brown could still have blue in his future.

“I think he could help police chiefs around the county really figure out how to take their departments and cities to the next level and help them out. You know, the third option could be something like Dancing With the Stars! He’s got a lot of charisma he`s very outgoing,  So that could be an interesting way for him to have some fun and bridge some time to figure out what to do next.”

A gig in entertainment isn’t out of the question. The chief was in a Black Eyed Peas music video for their remix of Where is the Love, which hit the charts this week.

After what he went through on July 7, the chief’s has a lot of options.