West Texas man whose parents entered U.S. illegally changed last name to Trump

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ODESSA, TX – Thanks to the approval of a judge, the 45th president now has a son we didn’t know about.

Ernesto Trump, 34, a Texas YouTuber who legally change his last name to Trump, proclaimed he’s “undeportable” since changing his surname.

Formerly Ernest Baeza Acosta, Trump sought to change his name for “more suitable professional purposes.”

“I’m Hispanic, and I guess that makes it to some people more ‘weird’,” Trump told MySA.

Trump sent a message to President Trump via his YouTube channel asking for some quality time with his new dad.

“Maybe we would go to Wrigley field, eat a hot dog, drink a pint of beer, you know, go to the movies,” Texas Trump said. “Maybe I can go see my step brothers and sister and stepmom, and you know, eat dinner at the White House.”

Trump said his real family disowned him once he started creating YouTube videos five years ago.

“They thought I was an embarrassment to the family,” he said.

According to Texas Trump, changing his name is a marketable appeal that will drive more traffic to his online platform.

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