We’re Stumped: Historic Tree Chopped Down in Dallas

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DALLAS — “When I found out they’d cut it down, I was heartbroken, honestly,” Suzanne Suddeth said.

Just a few days ago, the largest Black Willow Tree in the State of Texas sat right near White Rock Lake in Dallas.

“It was estimated to be about 170 years old,” Suddeth added.

About five years ago, Suddeth worked to get this tree on The Texas Big Tree Registry.

“I found this tree, and for some reason, I was drawn to it,” she said.

The tree even won the title of Champion Tree.  Suddeth held the certificate she received in 2011.

“I had this on my wall in my den, and I brought many people out here to see it.”

But now, this historic tree is history.  It is a pile of mulch.

“What are the chances now of getting another champion tree here? Not very likely. The story is, their contractor just came, and ground it up.”

She says the city told her a subcontractor cut the tree down without their permission.  No one from City Hall or the tree service returned phone calls. For now, Suzanne is left with questions and memories.

“If they would’ve marked it in the first place, it might still be here…I just don’t know why they did it.”

We’re stumped too.

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