Welcome or Not: Border Battle Rages On in North Texas

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DALLAS – Here in the Great State of Texas, the border crisis is a topic as hot as the weather. And that’s exactly the reason for Monday’s news conference in Dallas.

This time people came to Dallas City Hall together in support of immigrant children. A group of community and religious leaders all spoke out about why helping is just the right thing to do.

“We will be able to set up a peaceful barrier between those anti-immigrant protesters who get thrills out of abusing little children,” Domingo Garcia said. Garcia is a former State Representative.

“They’re not criminals they’re children, they’re children,” Pastor Lynn Godsey said. Godsey is the President and Founder of the Hispanic Evangelical Ministerial Alliance. “They need to be treated as such with compassion.”

While these folks are rolling out the welcome mat to the two-thousand refugee kids who want to make Texas home, others are doing the opposite. In particular, Commissioner Mark Reid, who is all for keeping the kiddos out of the country – more importantly – out of Collin County.

Some folks stand behind him. While others, disagree.

“This immigration issue is a serious issue,” Scott McWilliams said. “They are children – these are not illegals.”

It doesn’t look like the battle of the border issue will be slimming down – at least until the fat lady sings.

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