Weird Weather: Local Weather No Match for other Countries’ Phenomena

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CHIAPAS, MX - As Texans, we know all about the craziness weather can bring, but here are a couple of stories that even Texans have to tip their hats to.

The first happened to our neighbors to the south. As Mexico prepares to celebrate the Day of the Dead, it appears an entire church has risen from the grave. A drought has unearthed a 16th century church, as water levels in the reservoir have dropped more than 80 feet. So even though the country is running out of water to baptize people with, we`re sure this mini-miracle has converted at least a few skeptics.

In China, a weather phenomenon gave a whole new meaning to skyscrapers. That`s where people claim to have seen an entire city floating in the sky.

It ended up being a mirage caused by a weather event called Fata Morgana. Basically, light refracts and creates the illusion of objects in the sky. So no, it wasn`t James Cameron filming the sequel to Avatar.

A few Texans may think they`re seeing things later this week when that thing called rain actually starts falling from the sky -- and it`s needed more than ever. Even though there was record rainfall this spring, some areas of North Texas are, unbelievably, back in extreme drought.

So remember, even if it`s raining actual cats and dogs this week, it could be churches rising from the earth or floating cities in the sky.

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