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DALLAS — Kevin Hart taught us how to be a best man for hire in the Wedding Ringer.

If you thought that was weird, one website says welcome to the new age because renting a friend is the new thing.

‘Rent a Friend’ has been gaining popularity for its tens of thousands of friends for hire, available worldwide. It says it`s the largest online platonic friendship website in the world.

As a member of the site, can rent a buddy for just about anything – dinner, movies, or, like Kevin Hart, for wedding purposes.

Be careful, however, when you join any online site that asks for your personal information.

‘Rent a Friend’ does not perform any background check on its members.

“Identity theft is definitely on the rise,” Attorney Shawn Tuma told Newsfix. “We are seeing cases of this happen more and more, and then when we see these companies that have data breaches, such as the Equifax data breach, or, you know, the Target data breach many years ago, and over and over again as these companies have more data breaches, this means more individuals information is being collected by criminals and then being sold.”

In 2015, a data breach exposed information about thousands of people who subscribe to Ashley Madison, a dating website that attracts married people.

At least two members reportedly committed suicide as a result.

As for ‘Rent a Friend,’ it says its “Not a dating website, and not an escort agency.”