We Dem Girls: Women’s Football Team Preps for Upcoming Season

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CARROLTON, TX - Who says Sundays are just for Dem Boyz?

There`s another squad in DFW looking to forget regret and take the title, It’s the Dallas Elite women’s football team.

“Last year we made it to the national championship or the Superbowl for women and lost,” says head coach Odessa Londell-Jenkins. “We plan on changing that this year.”

Sunday was the first day of tryouts for the elite’s second season. The goal is to one day be a pro-team but for now every player pitches in, both physically and financially.

“Every girl has paid $850 annually to make the team work,” says Londell-Jenkins.

Talk about playing for the love of the game! And just to be clear this isn`t flag football or the lingerie league. It’s full contact. The hits are hard and the injuries are real.

“The first thing I get is `oh lingrea?’ no not lingerie! We wear full pads just like our counterparts do and we hit just as hard and run just as fast,” says Londell-Jenkins

Youth football opportunities for girls are almost nonexistent, so for most players this is their first chance to play outside of backyard games

“Football was actually my first love as a sport,” says Samaria Outlaw, who is trying out for the first time. “My dad made me give it up, he said the guys are getting to big, so find a different sport.”

These girls prove they can tackle a sport just as hard as they guys.

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