Waxahachie school uses “smart thermometers” to track illnesses affecting students

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WAXAHACHIE- This time of year, the nurse's office could easily be the most poppin' spot on a school's campus.

But schools like Shakelford Elementary in Waxahachie are using the new Kinsa smart thermometer to change the game.

"We want to prevent the kids for coming in ill," said the school nurse, Linda Horn. "If they kind of know what's going around, then they'll be watching for that at home."

Here's how it works.

You download the app paired with the thermometer, and create a profile for the different members of your fam.

Whenever you take your temperature, the app will log it, and give you advice on any extra steps you may need to take after entering any symptoms you have.

But the best part may just be how the thermometer helps you look out for your friends.

Based on the info the app gathers from people using it in your area, it can help tell you what illnesses are floating around.

"There's a database that's anonymous, but we can see what types of illnesses are going on around our campus, and how many kids are sick per grade level," said principal Theresa Burkhalter.

Now you won't have to miss math class! We're sorry.

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