Watch out for fake online reviews this holiday season

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Fake product reviews. It can trick you into buying a product that maybe isn't worth the price tag.

Before buying a product or going to a new store or restaurant, many of us check the reviews online, and those companies know that.

A new survey found 79% of people say they spotted a fake online review in the past year.

On popular shopping sites like Amazon, Yelp, and Airbnb, it turns out, companies pay people to write them favorable reviews.

Many of these sites are working to maintain their credibility, so they`re trying to weed out the fake reviews.

In fact, Amazon is suing more than a thousand people who loaded their site with fake, glowing reviews.

Morning Dose. has a few ways you can spot these fake reviews on your own:

Watch out for overly enthusiastic or overly negative reviews. They`re designed to sway your opinion.

Beware reviews that read like product manuals. No regular person puts in the model number.

Check the reviewer`s history. Is it their only review? Do they only review one company?

Look for specifics about why someone likes or doesn`t like a product.  "It had a great battery life" as opposed to general ones, that call a product "amazing" or "horrible."

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