WATCH: Nicki Minaj’s Boobs Cure Crying Little Boy

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BELFAST, IRELAND – Ok, this is funny. Like, really, really funny. A little boy may have pulled a fast one on Nicki Minaj just so he could cop a feel. And we love him for it!

Nicki posted an Instagram video of her consoling a crying, seemingly innocent boy named Donny on stage during her Pinkprint Tour concert in Ireland this week.

“I’ve been dreaming of this moment for so long,” Donny said while sobbing.

Nicki pulls him in for a hug and like magic, her boobs cure his crying. Donny’s reaction is PRICELESS.

Did you see that face? LOL… he gives a mischievous smirk to the sold out crowd and it’s like he’s thinking, “GOTCHA, sucka!”

Well played, Donny. Well played.

We’ve seen this before though. Perhaps he’s also a fan of Squint from Sandlot? Hmm…

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